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As a small child, I was deathly afraid of bees... In fact, I’m allergic...

Fast forward 40+ years and now I’m designing and painting homes for these little industrious creatures that manufacture one of the sweetest ingredients on earth, honey.

How did that happen?

A former mural client and modern “Renaissance Man”, contacted me recently. He had taken up becoming an apiarist, or in laymen’s terms, a beekeeper. He asked me if I was interested in painting a mural on his beehive. Well, I’m up for any artistic challenge, so I accepted without hesitation. 

I had to do some research before taking on this project. What kind of paint do I use? It has to be completely safe for these little hardworking creatures and the environment... It needs to be durable to stand up to all harsh weather conditions... and it needed to be luring and pleasing for our little buzzing buddies!

I posted a question about the safety and quality of paint on a national apiculture website, It was very informative. I even learned that bees have their favorite colors as well as colors they dislike, just like us. They love purples, blues, yellows and greens. White looks like blue-green and orange looks yellow-green to bees. They actually can’t even see red. In fact, red is black to them. 

So armed with all this newfound intellect, I created my design, primed and painted my first beehive! 

I’m by no means a knowledgeable apiarist, but I’ve learned so much since painting my first hive. Did you know that there are a variety of different beehive styles? The first one that I painted is called a Layens hive. I’m currently painting 2 Cypress Langstroth hives and I have 2 Top-bar hives scheduled.

I’m really looking forward into participating in the Charleston Honey and Bee Expo next year. Perhaps I’ll be a vendor of painted hives...👩🏻‍🎨🐝

Until then, you’ll see quite a few of my beehive designs incorporated into many of my items that are available for purchase on my website. I’m also in the process of adding a page exclusively for our beekeeping enthusiast to order unassembled handpainted Langstroth hives from me directly since they’re very easy and more economical to ship anywhere.




***Just wanted to update this blog on the progress of the current 2 Langstroth hives that I’m painting  This is the focal side of both  Langstroth hives stack together-




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